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For Physicians

We have many opportunities with variable ED volumes. Whether you are a resident, a full-time ED physician, a primary care provider, or a physician nearing retirement we have positions to meet your needs.

What We Have to Offer:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Competitive reimbursement
  • Growth opportunities
  • Strong Physician support/back up

Beyond meeting your professional needs, Elite strives to make relationships that last. We take pride in retaining the physicians that we staff. In fact, many of our physicians have been with us over eight years. Available to our physicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they know that they have reliable back-up should they need assistance. Should our physicians have questions or concerns while in the emergency department, Elite feels it is imperative to give them solid support when they need it.

We are fast becoming a leader in emergency department staffing in the southeast. Elite works with each physician to create the most optimal schedule based on his/her particular financial, professional, and personal goals. Elite is dedicated to finding the right “fit” for our physician’s specific needs and circumstances.

Consider an emergency department opportunity with us whether it is full time or temporary. We also have opportunities for physician assistants and nurse practitioners.